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About Us

VAL was established in 2015, by a group of gamers with a competitive desire but nothing to play for. Its initial intention was to simply provide small tournaments on Twitter (fun cups) to give members of the community something to do. In September of 2015 we hosted our first tournament, and from then, everything took off. A simple Twitter tournament allowed a huge amount of people to compete, so we carried on. The popularity for these fun cups grew rapidly and there became demand for much more. Cash prizes, leagues, and ultimately LAN events. Our dream then became to provide a platform for players and teams that would allow them to expand. In May of 2016, VAL acquired a competitor; Verve OLT. This merge happened for one reason, to provide a larger amount of opportunity. By working with amazing companies and investing some of our money, we have been able to award players with thousands of pounds in prize money, along with exposure and publicity. Our leagues, tournaments and other competitions have been more successful than we could have ever imagined, and this is why we have created this website.

Since arriving at the doors of Esports, the talent and potential of a huge variety of players and teams has always stood out to us. VAL provides a platform for players and teams to expand. We do this by providing regular tournaments, leagues and other fun competitions in multiple games. We are aware Esports is expanding rapidly, hence why we are always looking for new games to provide tournaments on. You can find all of the games we provide competitions on in the ‘Games’ section of our website. By providing regular competitions, we allow players to gain vital experience, knowledge and opportunity to develop their skillset.

Simply, our main aim is to provide the amateur scene of Esports something to play for. That’s it. We will do this by providing YOU with the best competitions to maximise your chances of becoming a professional or simply becoming a better player. The larger VAL gets, the more opportunities we will provide. Raising prize pools, creating free to enter tournaments with cash prizes, and working with companies on regular giveaways is what we are striving for. The founders of VAL have all been in the Esports scene for a while, and have even competed in the past. We know exactly what it is like to compete, and this is why we are confident our website will provide you with the best possible competitions.

Thank you for competing with us. We are extremely excited for the future and hope you are too. Good luck!