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Call of Duty: World War II
PlayStation 4
Season 1 - Division 4

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This league's ID is: 705
4V4 - Variant
Season 1 | Division 4
12 Teams
Start Date:
Wed 17th Jan, 2018 - 12:00AM BST


Hosting, Maps & Rosters:
Clicking your match on the bracket/schedule will take you to the match page which holds all necessary information.
Teams must report the final score or dispute their match via the match page.
Both Teams Reporting:
Both teams must report the match. Once one team (TEAM A) has reported, TEAM B has 20 minutes to agree/disagree with the report.
If TEAM B doesn't report in this time, TEAM A will win by default.
Status: Finished
Game: Call of Duty: World War II
Platform: PS4
Region: Europe
Series Length: Best of 5
Entry Fee: Subject to approval.
Contact @VALHQ via Twitter