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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
PlayStation 4
Welcome to VAL!

All of the information you will need to compete in our leagues can be found here and via the tabs above.


Step 1:
Register & Create a Team
Step 3:
Compete and Win!
Stage 1:
Qualifying / Seeding Matches
Stage 2:
Division Matches
Stage 3:
Playoffs Bracket (Final 32 Teams)
Q) Where can I contact you for more information?
We do our best to respond instantly to queries brought to us on Twitter (@VALHQ). Alternatively, you can always email us at support@valhq.com.
Q) What happens if my match is disputed?
We always have admins available for live support when tournaments are in progress, so any disputes which may occur will be settled as quickly and as smoothly as possible. In leagues, disputes will be settled by an admin once both teams have submitted tickets.
Q) Am I likely to win my dispute?
Check out our dispute outcome likelihood page to see detailed explanations of almost every dispute possibility, and the various outcomes which may arrive. If your situation is on there, you can hazard a strong guess of how your dispute will go.
Any news or changes to the competition while in progress will be posted here.
How To Use:

Seeding / Ranking System:
> Teams will be seeded according to their VAL rank.
> The team with the highest rank will be given the lowest (best) seed.
> Ranks are determined by XP, which is earned by winning matches, tournaments and leagues. Leagues have the biggest weighting on XP, followed by tournaments, and then by winning individual matches. The more opposing teams there are in a competition, the greater the XP award will be.
> Head to head matches will cause the losing team to lose XP, and the winning team to gain XP, both relative to the opposing team's rank (for example: A team winning against a team ranked 1 will award more XP than beating a team ranked 500).
> To see a full breakdown of how XP is calculated and awarded, click here.
Veto System:
> Most leagues and occasional tournaments will implement a veto system to fairly determine the mapset in map-oriented games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike.
> We have aimed to develop a veto system that's quick and easy to use; as a result, it will simply tell you when it's your turn and what to do, and will automatically set the maps upon completion.
> The system live-updates so you can see your opponent's selections in real-time without having to refresh the page.
> You will need team permissions of 'Matchmaker' or higher to use.
> You can find a more detailed explanation of the rules surrounding vetos in section 1 here.
Messaging (Match Group Chats):
> Match group chats are a basic messaging system for team members to communicate amongst themselves and clarify any details regarding the match, they are found on the match page.
> Messages posted by players on team 1 will be shown on the left hand side, with team 2's messages on the right.
> Anyone on either team with team permissions 'Matchmaker' or higher will be able to see and contribute to the group chat.
> You will need to refresh the page to load new inbound messages, sending a message will automatically update the group chat.
> To ensure we have all the necessary information in the event of a dispute, we advise you to communicate with the other team only via the group chat.
Reporting & Live Reporting:
> We've revamped the reporting system to be quicker and easier to use. It's as simple as clicking a couple of buttons, no need for typing!
> Furthermore, we've introduced a live-reporting option, where users on either team can report map-by-map as the series goes on, and anyone will be able to see the match's current progress on the match page.
> This allows teams to update the match game by game as the series is taking place without confirming the score accidentally. And you'll see visual updates on the match page to indicate the current series score and winner of each map.
> Note that live-reporting will not need confirmation from the other team, it will auto-update. This is because it is not an official match-report. Official match-reports are done by clicking the 'Report Final Score' button instead.
> To make things EVEN EASIER, once one team has reported the match, you won't even need to enter the scores; you can just click the 'Agree with opponent' button, or dispute the match if they have reported incorrectly.
> You will need team permissions of 'Matchmaker' or higher to use both report options.
Scheduling / Match Times:
> The time your match is due to be played can be found on the information section to the right of the match page.
> Most leagues now use the self-scheduling system, designed to fairly allow both teams to organise a time best suited for them.
> Instructions can be found on the system itself (located on the match page), and allow teams to offer up to 5 times to play each. If no time can be agreed on by the deadline specified, VAL will auto-schedule your match and you will be expected to attend.
> Again, you will need permissions of 'Matchmaker' or higher on your team to use this feature.
Gentlemen's Agreements:
> Another fresh new feature with the V3 update allows teams to make gentlemen's agreements.
> For games which offer a gentlemen's agreement ruleset, it's as simple as clicking the checkbox in the GA section of the match page (team permissions 'Matchmaker' or higher required). Once your team has offered, your opponent will be sent a notification, they will then choose whether to agree or leave the rules as they are.
> For those of you wanting to ban specific items from the game deemed overpowered or otherwise, you can simply request it via the messaging section and await your opponent's response. It will not be enforced without a clear agreement.
> Again, you will need permissions of 'Matchmaker' or higher on your team to use this feature.
> All of the match page features have been updated to work with our new notification system.
> Team members will be alerted when something changes with your match.
> To see a breakdown of exactly what you will receive notifications for, click here.
Start Time:
Monday 19th Jul, 2021
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
4V4 - Variant
Season 18
52/64 Teams
Series Length:
Best of 5
Competition ID:
Veto System:
Match Group Chat:
Gentlemen's Agreements
Enabled (If Applicable)