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Season 7 Recap - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

By Saul for VAL Online - 07/09/17 18:05 pm
With season 7 coming to a close, we bid goodbye to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and look forward to Call of Duty: World War II and our next league!
WW2 - Season 1 is just weeks away! (Picture: Activision Blizzard, Inc.)

Pool Play:

Once again, this season we saw 4 Divisions of teams competing to reach the Playoffs. Bulldog eSports, Wild Gaming, afterShock Revelation, Aevion eSports & afterShock Vanquish all made it out of the premium division and were the first five teams to qualify.

Following were Sly Gaming, AeroX eSports, Wasps Gaming, Zealous Youth & Team AeroX, the top 5 from division 1, and the second five to qualify.

Also joining the playoffs were Why Gaming, Dauntless, WeDontRotateV2 & Vortex Gaming, the top 4 from division 2, making up the next four spots which were availble from division 3.

Then last but not least, Krypto Gaming & Brainstorm Gaming secured themselves the final two spots for the playoffs!
VAL Season 7 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare league announcement.

The Playoff Teams:

Here they are once again, in a clearer format:

Bulldog eSports
Wild Gaming
afterShock Revelation
Aevion eSports
afterShock Vanquish
Sly Gaming
AeroX eSports
Wasps Gaming
Zealous Youth
Team AeroX
Why Gaming
Vortex Gaming
Krypto Gaming
Brainstorm Gaming


This was by far the most competitive season we've ever hosted, with people referring to playoffs as "the most stacked [they've] ever seen". Bulldog were the favourites for most, but this season was almost impossible to predict.

Immediately the unpredictability of it showed with Aevion eSports (8-3) being knocked out and finishing 13-16th after coming in as the 4th seed. Sly Gaming who finished top of division 1, with a 15-2 record, also saw themselves in the same predicament being eliminated immediately. Brainstorm (15-2) & Vortex Gaming (12-5) finished 13-16th alongside them.

Next saw Dauntless, who showed promise in D2 finishing 2nd with a 13-4, Krypto Gaming (16-1), WeDontRotateV2 (13-4), Why Gaming (16-1) finishing 9-12th.

VAL Season 7 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare top 8 placements.
After both AeroX teams had a successful regular season with AeroX eSports and Team AeroX finishing 2nd and 5th, with 15-2 and 14-3 records respectively, they ended up placing 7/8th.

Wild Gaming (9-2) and Zealous Youth (14-3) finished 5/6th, which then left both afterShock teams in the top 4, but where would they finish?

Wasps Gaming who finished in 3rd place in division 1 with a 15-2 record had an amazing run in playoffs, knocking out the likes of Krypto Gaming, AeroX eSports & Wild Gaming, however they came up short against afterShock Vanquish who were just too much of hurdle to overcome, landing Wasps with a hugely respectable 4th place finish. In the upper bracket Bulldog matched up against afterShock Revelation and after Bulldog beating them 3-0, we got an afterShock match up in the loser’s final. Revelation came out on top, which meant that afterShock Vanquish finished in 3rd place.

Finally, the finals were underway, Revelation won themselves another opportunity against Bulldog, however Bulldog were just too much to handle leaving aS.Revelation with second place, as Bulldog eSports took their second season in a row! This was the first time a team had won back to back seasons. Congratulations to them on an amazing run in both the regular season and playoffs, only losing 1 game across the two! See you all next season!