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COD S2: Feedback Response

By Lewis for VAL Online - 28/05/18 22:30 pm

After an action-packed season 2 full of twists and turns, it's only right that we make next season bigger, better and more enjoyable for everyone involved. During the season we asked you for feedback on our leagues, we asked for suggestions on improvements, things you like, don't like, and things you wanted to see added. This page will address everything which was brought to our attention, and will highlight our changes based on your feedback.

Premium Division Qualifiers - Changes

You asked: For the top 4 teams to be automatically entered into the premium division.
We listened: The top 4 teams will now be automatically entered into the premium division. In the case of season 3, the first four teams will be the CTiK, Brash, Radiant, Nordic rosters.

New Website Features!

You asked: For an on-site scheduling system to help improve the process of scheduling matches, particularly for teams with opponents which don't use Twitter.
We listened: A built-in scheduling system will be shown on all matchup pages for the season 3 league. It will give both teams the options to suggest the times that are available to them, and reach an overall agreement.

You asked: For an on-site VETO system to help improve the process of doing map vetos.
We listened: A built-in VETO system has been added and will also be accessible on the matchup pages for each game. It will live update, so participants can ban and pick respectively whilst all looking at the same screen.

We also added: A playoffs tab will be available on the league section of the website. Clicking it mid-season will show you the playoff dates, clicking it whilst the playoffs are ongoing will show you the bracket. No more third party links!

Notification System

We added: A new notification system has arrived to VAL Online. It will notify users when they have a game scheduled on the day, when their team has reported, when the opponent has reported, when their team is disbanded, a match is disputed, and in many more situations.

Stream Production

We added: There will be a live interview with the winning team at the end of season 3 playoffs.

Also: We’re taking our streams and content up a notch. We want to provide the amateur Call of Duty scene with professional production and content, and that’s why we’re introducing 2 new shows and a revised stream schedule for the upcoming #VALS3 COD league… more info on that will be dropped soon, keep an eye out on our Twitter.

AM Points

We introduced: AM points. AM points are a form of ranking system similar to pro points. They will be used across our tournaments and leagues for seeding purposes and eligibility for certain competitions. After placing in a league or tournament, your account will automatically be credited with your new points. Leagues will of course have the largest weighting on point distributions to ensure that the top players remain at the top; followed by cash prize tournaments, and few AM points can be won from our free to play tournaments. Various prizes throughout the year will be awarded to those with the most AM points, as well as those grinding for them.

Enhanced Response Times & Public TeamSpeak

We introduced: From tomorrow onwards, you will be able to speak directly to VAL admins in our public TeamSpeak! A lot of you have told us sometimes messaging us isn’t enough, you may have a dispute or something you’re not happy with and writing out a long message isn’t something you want to do, or maybe you simply have some constructive criticism for us. You're also welcome to use it for scrims, 8s, pubs and whatever else! - Join our TeamSpeak now! IP:

Premium teams and playoffs

New: We understand many have complained about the fact that not all Premium teams qualify for playoffs, after having to qualify through the premium division qualifier. For this reason, in season 3 ALL 8 TEAMS in the Premium division will have automatic qualification. You'll play the regular division matches for extra prizes, and to determine seeding.

Division System

New: The new division system will consist of an 8-team premium division with the best of the best, an 8-team challenger division for those teams not far behind, and an open division which will be split into multiple 8-team pools. The premium division qualifier will determine the remaining 4 premium spots, and the 8 challenger division spots. Both divisions are highly rewarding.

Weekly Matches

You asked: To lower the weekly matches to ensure you have enough time to manage all of your games.
We listened: Due to the changes explained in the 'Division System' section, we are able to lower the amount of games required to 2 games per week, allowing participants some more free time; as opposed to the previous 3 weekly fixtures.

We hope you'll appreciate the changes we've made! If there's something you'd like to see added/changed, it's not too late. Be sure to DM @VALHQ on Twitter and we'll be happy to help. We hope to see you in season 3 with the return of our GUARANTEED €3,000 prize pool - which is even subject to rise!