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CSGO S2: Feedback Response

By Lewis for VAL Online - 30/05/18 19:30 pm

Everyone at VAL feels extremely passionate about communicating with each team, player and spectator with the mission to find out what needs improving. For the past couple of weeks our main focus has been just that, improvement based on your feedback. Below you will find everything we came across that needed improving and what we have done/will do to make sure it’s improved as soon as we can - allowing you to have the best experience possible!

New Website Features!

You asked: For an on-site scheduling system to help improve the process of scheduling matches, particularly for teams with opponents which don't use Twitter.
We listened: A built-in scheduling system will be shown on all matchup pages for the season 2 league. It will give both teams the options to suggest the times that are available to them, and reach an overall agreement.

You asked: For an on-site VETO system to help improve the process of doing map vetos.
We listened: A built-in VETO system has been added and will also be accessible on the matchup pages for each game. It will live update, so participants can ban and pick respectively whilst all looking at the same screen.

We also added: A playoffs tab will be available on the league section of the website. Clicking it mid-season will show you the playoff dates, clicking it whilst the playoffs are ongoing will show you the bracket. No more third party links!

Notification System

We added: A new notification system has arrived to VAL Online. It will notify users when they have a game scheduled on the day, when their team has reported, when the opponent has reported, when their team is disbanded, a match is disputed, and in many more situations.

Enhanced Response Times & Public TeamSpeak

We introduced: From tomorrow onwards, you will be able to speak directly to VAL admins in our public TeamSpeak! A lot of you have told us sometimes messaging us isn’t enough, you may have a dispute or something you’re not happy with and writing out a long message isn’t something you want to do, or maybe you simply have some constructive criticism for us. You're also welcome to use it for scrims, officials, ranked and whatever else! - Join our TeamSpeak now!

Improved Ruleset

You asked: For a clearer ruleset to account for a wider variety of issues and better explanations on some of the rules.
We listened: We realised that one of the primary issues with our rules was that some of them simply were not clear enough and they created issues when they were brought up to us in disputes. So, we revised all of our rules and are doing so on a daily basis. If you ever see a rule you’re not happy with, tell us and we will see if we can improve it. Additionally to this, we will be making our communication with participants much more strict. We will be making sure all players are eligible to play on the website, making sure everybody is aware of dates and much more! Our rules can be found here.

Streaming & Production

New: We love providing live content for the esports community, and we have much more content in the works. The point that was brought to our attention is the lack of consistent streams, if you didn’t know already, our stream schedule for the VAL amateur league is Tuesday and Thursday. However, unfortunately we didn’t always stick to this schedule due to teams not being able to play on that specific day, casters not being available and other small issues. So, what are we going to do to provide you with consistent streams? An official stream schedule. Grab your popcorn and diet cokes, you’re going to have a lot of content to watch!

Weekly Matches

You asked: To lower the weekly matches to ensure you have enough time to manage all of your games.
We listened: We have removed the double-header format, thus changing each series from a best of 2 to a best of 1. This allows teams some more flexibility when scheduling their matches, whilst also removing the confusion some were experiencing with the bo2 format.

Skill-based Divisions

You asked: For skill-based divisions so teams can consistently play teams at a similar skill level, therefore increasing competitiveness.
We listened: We have introduced a 'pre-season' stage which once played will sort teams into skill-based divisions of 8 teams, not only increasing the level of practice, but also increasing the excitement of games for viewers on stream. This should remove the likelihood of 'blowout' matchups which we often saw on stream last season.

Updating Matches & Reversing Outcomes Faster

New: With regards to delays in incorrectly reported matches being reversed, that has also been fixed and now can be done immediately without delay. People have also asked for us to create a place where people can join and arrange games more easily with opposition teams, as well as a place to get a more instant response from an admin. For this reason we will be releasing our teamspeak to the public, which will allow anyone to join and either get support from an admin or go into a room and arrange a game with their opposition.

We hope you'll appreciate the changes we've made! If there's something you'd like to see added/changed, it's not too late. Be sure to DM @VALHQ on Twitter and we'll be happy to help. We hope to see you in season 2 with a GUARANTEED €2,000 prize pool!