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Season 2 COD: Playoffs Recap

By Krystian for VAL Online - 28/05/18 18:04 pm

After over a month of esports action, the VAL COD: WWII season 2 €3,000 league has come to an end.

Playoffs weekend was record-breaking, we reached 408 concurrent viewers during the grand final and over 17,400 total views over the weekend. We would like to thank each viewer, player and team for making playoffs so spectacular!

Out of 120 teams, the below finished in the top 8. This is a huge achievement and each team should be extremely proud!

The final 8 teams which made it through to championship Sunday.

Final Placements (Top 8):

1 - Cryptick
2 - Brash
3 - Radiant
4 - Nordic
5/6 - Animosity
5/6 - Zealous
7/8 - Foresaken
7/8 - Panthers
VAL COD: WWII League Season 2 - Final Placements

We cannot wait for Season 3! Are you ready?