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Welcome to VAL Online!

By Krystian for VAL Online - 11/09/17 16:44 pm
After lots of dreaming and months of hard work, we are extremely excited to be bringing you the official VAL website; although this is only a beta, and will have many changes!
VAL Has already given away over £5,000 in prizes, with 1K alone paid out on Call of Duty last season!
VAL was established during the final months of 2015, as a result of a lack in amateur esports tournament providers operating in the European scene. A yearning mindset to make the european scene more successful, VAL hosted daily tournaments for the community as a hobby. In 2016, after a year of continuous tournaments and leagues, VAL grew to become one of the biggest European amateur esports providers. Of course, many people saw this success and decided to form very similar organisations to VAL, but we won’t get into those. Now we are here, in 2017 - with even more passion, eagerness, and hunger to continue our hunt to become one of the leading esports companies in the UK, and maybe even Europe someday.

VAL operates around the motive of providing amateur competitors a platform to elevate; by offering daily tournaments, leagues, fun cups and esports production. On this website, you will be able to find all the competitions we provide on a daily basis. Be sure to head over to our Twitch too, which is where all of our live gaming action takes place!

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We would like to thank all of the people who have supported us throughout our journey so far; from the competitors to our livestream audiences! We hope to keep on growing and providing bigger prize pools, bigger competitions, better production and one of our main goals: a LAN.

Thank you for visiting! We hope you'll stick around. Why not create an account and see what we have to offer?