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Frequent Disputes

If a team is breaking the rules, do I continue playing?
If a team you are playing has broken or is breaking the rules of the competition, you must get proof of the rules they are breaking and then leave the game before it ends. Once you have left send our support the picture proof to get the win confirmed.

Match scheduling:
If a time has been agreed on by both teams and set, then the schedule must be kept to by both teams. Failure to miss the time, will result in the team forfeiting the map. However, if this is the case, you cannot complete the match and then attempt to dispute due to lateness.

I disconnected and the other team did not end the game:
If you are to disconnect from a game for one reason or another; in a hardpoint the other team are not required to end the game, you must rejoin when possible. In Control the opposition must end the game after the round where the disconnection occurred and then start the game back up from that point and in S&D the same applies as in Control.

I have been booted mid-game and want to forfeit the other team for doing so:
If you are going to make a claim like this you must show us picture proof of threats from the opposition regarding booting you of. If that is the case and you have then disconnected during the game, you will be awarded the win.

I believe a player is hacking on the other team:
If you believe this is a case for a player on the team, we instruct you to play out the whole match/series against the team despite your accusation. Once the match has been played and disputed, you must tell one of our admins which player you believe is hacking. Once you have done this the players POV will be watched by one of our admins and a verdict will be reached. Should we agree and believe that the player in question is hacking beyond any reasonable doubt, then your team will not only be awarded the win but that player will be banned from competing in our tournaments and leagues. If we do not believe they are, then the result of the match will stand.

The opposition have players playing that are not on the roster:
If this is the case and the team you are playing have more than the allocated PUs allowed, then you must first capture picture evidence and then leave the game and provide our admins with the evidence to be awarded the map win.

The other team started the game on the wrong map:
If this happens in game, simply leave and get them to restart the game on the correct map. You cannot play out the full game on the map then dispute if you have lost.

Someone joined our game and just sat on our team on the other team’s host.
If a player joins the lobby and does not leave immediately, then make sure you record the fact that someone joined your game and was spectating you and your team without prior permission for casting/streaming. Once you have got the proof you can leave the match and submit it immediately to our admins. When hosting games should be restricted to allow 10 players only, unless the game is being casted, so that this issue cannot occur.

No one can connect to the opposition host:
If no player on a team has an open NAT type and is unable to host a match, then the opposition will have the responsibility of hosting all maps in the series.

I am trying to schedule a game, however the other team is not working with us at all:

If a team is clearly going out of their way to make scheduling a match difficult, you must first send picture proof of your claim to our support team. The opposition will then be warned and if they continue to make the process purposively difficult you will be able to forfeit them for doing so.

A player disconnected, but we had full streaks:
If this occurs in an S&D or Control where you are instructed to end the game at the end of the round, following a disconnection. The other team either has the decision to play on with your streaks and the player deficit or end the game and then feed you the streaks upon restarting the match. For this to happen you would need to get picture proof of the streaks each player had.