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How do I report match scores?
We've revamped the reporting system to be quicker and easier to use. It's as simple as clicking a couple of buttons, no need for typing! To report your match, all you need to do is visit the match page and check the boxes in the 'Reporting' section to specify the map winners. Once your opponent has agreed, the scores and competition standings will be updated.

What team permissions do I need?
Anyone with team permissions of 'matchmaker' or higher will be able to report scores.

What do I do once I have checked the boxes?
Once you have checked the box for the maps you have won. You can then confirm the report by selecting the “Report Final Score” button.

Agree with opponent
If your opponent has reported before your team, it's even easier for you. Simply click the 'agree with opponent' button if the scores they have reported are correct, or dispute the match. It's as simple as one click either way!


What does the “Update Live Score” button do?
This allows teams to update the match game by game as the series is taking place without confirming the score accidentally. It will auto-update for both teams and means you can make changes should you accidentally report a map wrong.
Updating live scores will not rely on confirmation from the other team, because it's not an official match report. Live reporting allows teams to update the series progress, and allows players to view in-progress matches to see live scores.


What happens if the other team report something different?
The game will then go to disputed. Where you will then need to submit a ticket with the proof that your team won the map that has been disputed.

When should I dispute a match?
You should only dispute a match if your opponent has broken the rules. Abusing the dispute feature will lead to punishments for the offending team.

Disputing wrongly will result in defaulting all maps in the series for your respective game.