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Why does XP matter?

• VAL XP is used to rank everybody on our website based on skill and results. Users are sorted into divisions based on their XP.
• Below are the thresholds for each division. Master division is the goal, once you're in there, you're in with a very good chance of winning a cash prize!
• There is also a threshold of 200XP to get out of Iron III, and 1500XP minimum to achieve Master I

How is XP awarded?

• VAL XP is awarded to teams for winning matches and/or competitions on our website.
• The amount of XP awarded for winning or losing a match is influenced by your site rank. For example, if you are ranked 1st on our website and play the lowest ranked player then you will receive less XP than you would, if you played the 2nd best player and won. If the lowest ranked player beats the top ranked player then they will receive the highest amount of XP possible with our system. This way we are not only rewarding winning, but also the difficulty of the win.

• You can also lose XP for losing matches. Losing to a lower-ranked team will result in you losing more XP than losing to a higher team.
• The losing team will lose half of the XP gained by the winning team. Examples: +20 for winners, -10 for losers; or in cases where rounding is applied: +31 for winners, -16 for losers.


• The base XP awarded for a win is 10 and for a loss is -5.
• The difference and difference % between the two teams' ranks are then calculated. This is done by subtracting the losing team's rank from the winning team's; it's then divided by the site's total ranked users and multiplied by 100 to get a percentage.
• If the difference is negative, we know that the winning team has played a lower-ranked team, so they will only be awarded the base XP for their win.
• If the difference is positive, the base XP is then multiplied by two factors, the difference %, and a weighting multiplier to ensure XP is capped within a reasonable limit.
• The maximum possible match XP that can be awarded, if the lowest ranked team beat the highest ranked team, is 60XP.


• Leagues are the most-rewarding for XP due to the time-frame and number of competitors. The amount of XP won is based not only on placing, but the amount of teams that enter the league to begin with.
• For a league with 65-128 participants, there will be 1280XP for the winner (~128 participants * base win XP). The top 16 teams will all be awarded but a placement factor ensures the higher the placing, the closer to 1280.
• The awards for such a league would be as follows: [1st: 1280] [2nd: 1216] [3rd: 1152] [4th: 1088] [5-6th: 1024] [7-8th: 960] [9-12th: 896] [13-16th: 832]
• All leagues use the same format, so smaller leagues would assign and distribute XP the same way, but on a smaller scale.
• Teams will also be awarded the standard match XP per game.


• Tournaments will reward users with an additional 10XP per round win/advancement, and +25XP for the tournament winner.
• Teams will also be awarded the standard match XP per game.